SFOA is the official
Association for
Swiss Single Family Offices

Our community helps Single Family Offices and its industry to thrive in Switzerland

The purpose of the Association is to promote the mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise, the continuous professional development of its members and to act as representative of Single Family Offices situated in Switzerland. In particular, it aims to

  1. be an active network for Single Family Offices in Switzerland;
  2. promote the cross sectoral exchange of expertise among members and with third parties;
  3. define benchmarks and best practices for Single Family Offices;
  4. expand and promote education and training in the areas of Single Family Office management and administration, investment strategies, risk management, estate planning and family governance;
  5. participate in relevant legal initiatives in the interest of the Single Family Office industry as well as the Single Family Officer profession;
  6. facilitate regulatory initiatives by collaborating with regional and federal governmental authorities and regulators;
  7. provide an information and due diligence platform;
  8. assist families in finding the right set-up for their own family office, by learning from other Member’s expertise.

As non-for-profit organization SFOA is institutionally, financially and politically independent. The members are committed to confidentiality and discretion. All meetings are subject to Chatham House Rules according to which all matters are discussed in an environment of trust.

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