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The Swiss Single Family Office Landscape

The official Swiss Single Family Office Association (SFOA) is very proud to announce the completion of the first comprehensive – study of the Single Family Office landscape in Switzerland!

SFOA Membership provides more than networking. For the benefit of our members and the Single Family Office Industry, SFOA aims at building a cohesive framework for the professional development of Industry Leaders.


Leadership Development and Certification Program for Family Officers, creating industry standards for Single Family Offices

Best Practice

Promoting best practices and knowledge transfer through designated workshops & peer-to-peer exchange

Public Affairs

Lobbying and exchange with governmental bodies to promote industry friendly policies; enabling sustainable wealth transfer over generations


Providing trusted access to SFOA’s members network, facilitating exchange with other global SFO Associations and Interest Groups


Acting as spokesperson for the SFO industry and provide information & resources to authorities, regulators and media

The SFOA Meetings

SFOA hosts several full-day Member’s events, in secluded Swiss locations that provide for a perfect setting to discover new insights and to encourage candid and vivid exchange among Swiss Single Family Offices.
Each SFOA event has its recurring themes that are usually organized around a full spectrum of investment related topics, coupled with select focus areas.
Regularly discussions are also inspired by individual members’ presentations on their respective family’s business and heritage, or by IMD’s sharing of newest research on family governance.

  • 23.05.2024  Hôtel Lausanne Palace, Lausanne

    Private Tour and Dinner at EHL Hospitality Business School / Annual General Meeting /
    Survey on the Swiss Single Family Office Landscape / Privacy rights of individuals and their corporate holdings by Filippo Noseda /
    Legal and factual challenges for Board Members by Dr. Wolfgang Zürcher / Geopolitical and Geo-economic landscape by Elbridge Colby /
    Workshop on Tactical Asset Allocation

  • 26.10.2023  Hotel Chedi, Andermatt

    Fireside talk Sami Sawiris / SFOA Study update / Impact investing by Dimple Sahni / AI & Google Maps by Samuel Widman / Swisscoin by Pascale Bruderer / Workshop & TAA

  • 11.05.2023  Bellevue Palace, Bern

    Annual General Meeting / Swiss Financial Centre – Quo vadis? by Daniela Stoffel / Update Federal Tax by Tamara Pfammatter / Risk Management SNB / Macro Outlook by Felix Zulauf (LinkedIn Article here)

  • 02.12.2023  Victoria Jungfrau, Interlaken

    Tactical Asset Allocation & workshop / Challenges CH Industry, Martin Hirzel / Breitling business case,  George Kern /  Fireside chat FORT, Dan Lubin

  • 15.09.2022  Kurhaus & Spa, Cademario

    Annual General Meeting / asset allocation / privacy / multiple crisis & energy crisis with Axpo, Avenergy, Dominique Feusi

  • 07.04.2022  IMD, Lausanne

    Family governance / asset allocation / private equity /
    Innovation @ EPFL

  • 30.11.2021  Hotel Belvoir, Rüschlikon

    Impact Investing /presentation by Avenir Suisse / Blockchain technologies

  • 14.09.2021  Casino Zug, Zug

    Blockchain technologies / relevant regulatory developments 

  • 07.07.2021  Hotel Montana, Luzern

    Private Equity / Tech VC (Future of Medicine)

  • 02.02.2021  Webinar (Covid restrictions)

    US real Estate

  • 02.11.2020  Webinar (Covid restrictions)

    Effective family governance in context of single family offices

  • 08.06.2020  Hotel City Garden, Zug

    Owner strategy, culture & compensation / Contemp. Art lending & securitization

  • 07.11.2019  Hosted by member in Zug

    Ordinary members meeting

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